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Study MBBS in Russia. Admission Open. Call Now To Know More.

University nameCriteriafees in US DollarsBrochureStatus
12thNEET1st Year 2nd – 6th Year TOTAL
Crimean Federal University70%+*Qualify6,0004,20027,000DownloadAPPLY NOW
Kazan Federal Medical University70%+Qualify7,5005,91037,050DownloadAPPLY NOW
Kabardino-Balkarian State University70%+Qualify5,2003,00020,200DownloadAPPLY NOW
North-Ossean State Medical University70%+Qualify6,0004,30027,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Stavropol State Medical University70%+Qualify8,0005,00033,000DownloadAPPLY NOW
Kazan State Medical University65%+Qualify75,0005,70036,000DownloadAPPLY NOW
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University50%+Qualify14,85010,55067,600DownloadAPPLY NOW
Rostov State Medical University50%+Qualify6,8004,35028,550DownloadAPPLY NOW
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