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At the outset you first need to understand that the best University for you may not be the best University for someone else and vice-versa. You need to look at:

  • Suitability of the Country to you (Weather/ Food/ Travel ease/ Culture etc.)
  • Comparative World Ranking of the Medical University
  • Medium of instruction (English/ Bi-lingual/ Local Language)
  • Type of Institution (Government Medical Colleges are better than Private Medical Colleges)
  • University establishment year (older the better)
  • Your Budget for MBBS (You need to be very clear on this before deciding)

Choose Your University

I am not talking of MBBS in India as you would already know about it. Let me highlight for you a few advantages of studying MBBS abroad.

  • You get a global exposure if you do MBBS abroad
  • You are a part of a global peer group of international Doctors
  • You open up more opportunities for your future
  • You get much better option for low cost MBBS


Ukraine is the most popular country for MBBS. Each and every university here boasts of around 800± Indian students studying with them. Ukraine has been home to Indian students since 1970s when it was a part of the erstwhile USSR. Almost every college comes with an Indian food mess in there. We easily rank Ukraine as the number 1 option for MBBS abroad.

University nameCriteriafees in US DollarsBrochureStatus
12thNEET1st Year2nd-6th yrTOTAL
Lviv National Medical University50%+Qualify7,5005,80036,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Zaporizhzhia State Medical University50%+Qualify8,0005,20035,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Ukranian Medical Stomatological Academy50%+Qualify7,5084,50830,048DownloadAPPLY NOW
Bukovinian State Medical University50%+Qualify6,9504,53029,600DownloadAPPLY NOW
Bogomolets National Medical University50%+Qualify9,0006,70042,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Vinnytsia National Pirogov Medical University50%+Qualify7,5005,90037,000DownloadAPPLY NOW
Ternopil National Medical University50%+Qualify8,0005,70036,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University50%+Qualify7,5005,00032,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Kharkiv National Medical University50%+Qualify8,0005,90037,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv50%+Qualify7,5005,50035,000DownloadAPPLY NOW


Indian students have been flocking to Russia since the 70s. Some of these Russian Universities rank in the top 100 universities of the world. The climate can be harsh here. Russians accept Indians very well. Most of the Medical schools in Russia teach in a bi-lingual mode. You have to be clear about this before selecting the University.

University nameCriteriafees in US DollarsBrochureStatus
12thNEET1st Year 2nd – 6th Year TOTAL
Crimean Federal University70%+*Qualify6,0004,20027,000DownloadAPPLY NOW
Kazan Federal Medical University70%+Qualify7,5005,91037,050DownloadAPPLY NOW
Kabardino-Balkarian State University70%+Qualify5,2003,00020,200DownloadAPPLY NOW
North-Ossean State Medical University70%+Qualify6,0004,30027,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Stavropol State Medical University70%+Qualify8,0005,00033,000DownloadAPPLY NOW
Kazan State Medical University65%+Qualify75,0005,70036,000DownloadAPPLY NOW
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University50%+Qualify14,85010,55067,600DownloadAPPLY NOW
Rostov State Medical University50%+Qualify6,8004,35028,550DownloadAPPLY NOW


Georgia is a tiny and a beautiful country. It has a decent education system and very high standards of living. The best part of Georgia is the safety and security. It is ranked 7th safest country in the world. The cost of living can be a little high compared to many other countries. The younger natives are taking to speaking English too. MBBS in Georgia helps in an easy transition to Germany for Medical PG.

University nameCriteriafees in US DollarsBrochureStatus
12thNEET1st Year2nd-6th yrTotal
Caucasus International University50%+Qualify10000550036,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University50%+Qualify6500530033,000DownloadAPPLY NOW


Kazakhstan has been gaining a lot of recognition in the field of Education. The Al-Farabi University is ranked 165 in the world. The last 5 years has seen a lot of Indians going to Kazakhstan for their MBBS studies. It is a Muslim dominated country with a sizable Christian community. It is a mountainous country, sitting right on top of India. It is just 3½ hours flight from Delhi. It offers low cost MBBS options.

University nameCriteriafees in US DollarsBrochureStatus
12thNEET1st Year2nd-5th yrTOTAL
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University50%+Qualify44,7300356,3001,872,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy50%+Qualify399,000308,0001,631,000DownloadAPPLY NOW
Asfendiyarov Kazakh National University50%+Qualify541,800394,8002,121,000DownloadAPPLY NOW


Philippines is the easiest country to adapt to for Indians. The climate is like in Southern India. The country predominantly speaks English. All the signages, whether on the roads or elsewhere, are in English. The cuisine here shows influences of Indian cuisine. The universities here follow the American education system and curriculum. This makes it easy if USMLE is the future plan.

University nameCriteriafees in US DollarsBrochureStatus
12thNEETBSNext 4 Years TOTAL
Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine, Manila50%+Qualify13,8005,65536,420DownloadAPPLY NOW
University of Perpetual Help System Delta50%+Qualify13,0506,700*39,850DownloadAPPLY NOW
Lyceum North-western University, Dagupan50%+Qualify12,0005,15035,600DownloadAPPLY NOW
U V Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu50%+Qualify12,8005,60035,200DownloadAPPLY NOW
Bogomolets National Medical University50%+Qualify14,8006,95042,600DownloadAPPLY NOW
Davao Medical School Foundation, Davao50%+Qualify7,5005,90037,000DownloadAPPLY NOW


Kyrgyzstan is a small country stuck between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Its proximity to India makes it a very viable destination for MBBS. Kyrgyzstan offers the most cost effective MBBS programs. Starting at 15 Lakhs for the whole course, these universities have helped many achieve their goal of becoming a Doctor in low budgets.

University nameCriteriafees in US DollarsBrochureStatus
12thNEET1st Year 2nd – 5th Year TOTAL
Jalabad State University, Jalalabad50%+*Qualify6,0003,87021,980DownloadAPPLY NOW
Asian Medical Institute, Bishkek50%+Qualify6,1003,82521,400DownloadAPPLY NOW
Osh State University – Medical Faculty50%+Qualify6,5003,2006,500DownloadAPPLY NOW
International School of Medicine, Bishkek50%+Qualify11,0504,70029,850DownloadAPPLY NOW
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Bishkek50%+Qualify10,8004,70029,600DownloadAPPLY NOW


The closest thing to MBBS in India is MBBS in Bangladesh. It has the same curriculum, similar books and similar teaching styles. Moreover, it is so close to your home that you can come down for every festival. You will find the living very easy as it looks like India itself. The cost of living is very less here. The climate is same. Bangladesh has the highest MCI passing rate. All in all, MBBS in Bangladesh becomes a very strong proposition.

University nameLocation1st FeeTotal FeesHostelBrochureStatus
Ibn Sina Medical CollegeDhaka16,00040,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Dhaka National Medical College. D.UDhaka30,000048,000ExcludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Ad-Din Women’s Medical College AcademyDhaka19,00039,000ExcludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital. D.UDhaka19,00039,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
East West Medical College. D.UDhaka20,00045,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Eastern Medical College & Hospital. D.UChittagong16,50040,500IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Community Based Medical College. D.UDhaka17,03047,600IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
TMMC D.UGazipur Dhaka15,00041,000ExcludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Monno Medical College. D.UDhaka15,00041,500IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Sylhet Women’s Medical CollegeangShahjalal15,00038,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
North East Medical CollegeSylhet16,00040,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Enam Medical College & Hospital. D.UDhaka20,00045,000ExcludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Mh Samorita Medical CollegeDhaka16,00041,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Islami Bank Medical College.R.URajshashi17,00038,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Anwer Khan Medical College. R.UDhaka26,00044,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
International Medical College Dhaka20,00042,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Jalalbad Raghib Rabeya Medical CollegeShahjalal16,00042,950IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Mainomoti Medical CollegeChittagong12,00038,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Uttara Women’s Medical College. D.U Dhaka20,00040,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Holyfamilyred Crescent Dhaka32,00050,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Ad-Din Sakian Medical CollegeJessore15,00036,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Popular Medical College Dhaka12,00045,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College Dhaka18,00040,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Sahaeed Mansur Ali Medical College Dhaka20,00048,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Bgc Trust Medical CollegeChittagong10,20033,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Universal Medical College Dhaka15,00045,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Bangladesh Medical College. D.U Dhaka25,00045,000ExcludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Bikrampur Bhuiyam Medical CollegeMunshiganj15,00030,000ExcludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Prime Medical CollegeRajshashi13,50036,000ExcludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Rangpur Community Medical CollegeRajshashi12,00039,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Shomaj Bhittik Medical CollegeGono17,00039,500IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Delta Medical College Dhaka15,00044,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Southeran Medical CollegeChittagong15,00044,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Dhaka Central International Medical College Dhaka16,00039,500IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Tairunnissa Medical College Dhaka14,50040,500IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical CollegeRajshashi17,00043,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Tmss Medical CollegeRajshashi20,00040,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Kumudini Women’s Medical College Dhaka14,00043,100IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Medical College For Women & Hospital Dhaka16,00040,000ExcludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
North Bengal Medical College/TdRajshashi15,00035,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Barind Medical CollegeRajshashi16,00035,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Z.H. Sikder Women Medical College Dhaka20,00040,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
Marks Medical College Dhaka15,00038,000IncludedDownloadAPPLY NOW
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