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Why Study in Russia?

Indians have been going to Russia for MBBS since early 1970s. It is still considered a super power due to its military might and technological advancements. Russia is the largest country in the world. The expanse can be gauged by the fact that there are 11 time zones within this country…!! However, the bulk of population lives in the western part of the country. And as the western part essentially lies in Europe, we do find a European culture there.

Advantages of studying in Russia

Popular Courses: Medicine, Aeronautics, Space Sciences, Biological Studies, Petroleum Research, Oceanography etc. are very popular among foreign students. It is essentially a very good option to go to.

Russia is a European country located in Eastern Europe with a vast expanse of territory that stretches across Northern Asia.  At 17,125,200 square kilometres t is, by a considerable margin, the largest country in the world by area, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area. Population of Russia is 146.7million. Russia’s capital and largest city is Moscow; other major urban areas include Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Chelyabinsk.

Weather: The enormous size of Russia and the remoteness of many areas from the sea result in the dominance of the humid continental climate, which is prevalent in all parts of the country except for the tundra and the extreme southwest. Mountains in the south obstruct the flow of warm air masses from the Indian Ocean, while the plain of the west and north makes the country open to Arctic and Atlantic influences.

The hostels are decent accommodation in most of the Universities and Indian food is generally available.

Language: The teaching in most universities is in a bi-lingual manner.  That means they teach in English in first 2 years and then they start teaching in Russian for remaining course. Having said this, there are many universities which have full English taught programs. Be careful to select the university which suits you needs.

Some of the most popular Universities are: First Moscow State Medical University, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Kazan Federal University, Far East University, Dagestan State Medical University etc.

 Russia shares very good relations with India and their support to each other is historical. There has been a huge cultural exchange between the 2 countries. There is a good deal of trade too that happens among the two countries.

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