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Why Study in Philippines?

Philippines is located in Southeast Asia. Nearby countries are Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It comprise of over 7000 islands. The main islands are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Philippines is the world’s 13th most populous country with a population of 108.11 million. The Capital is Manila; a mega city with over 20 million population. Multiple ethnicities and cultures are found through the islands. Cultural influences are from Spain, US, Hindu & Islam. It is thought that The Philippines was part of the Hindu Java Kingdom in 13th Century, 14th Century Islam came. From 15th to 18th century it was ruled by Spain & Catholics, followed by America in 19-20th Century, with a brief period of Japanese occupation in World War II. The dominant religion is Catholic Christianity with 93% of the country following it. A Hindu temple / gurudwara is located in UN Avenue in Manila near Emilio Aguinaldo College.The Embassy of India is located in Manila.

Advantages of studying in Germany

The official languages in the Philippines are English and Filipino. All education is in the English medium. 95% of the population speaks English. Students going from India do not need to learn any local language to talk to patients – which they need to do if they go to China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Philippines is the 3rd largest English Speaking country in the World. Mode of instruction in all Schools & Colleges is in English for all students.

  • English is commonly used in Business & Education communication
  • Education facilities are Excellent and of HIGH Quality.
  • Many US educated professionals are Teachers and Administrators
  • Philippinesfollows USA/ American pattern of Education.
  • 50% lower fees than Indian Private Medical Colleges.
  • Philippineshas Sent 2nd largest number of foreign Doctors to USA
  • Philippineshas trained and sent the largest number of Nurses to USA & Canada
  • Tropical Diseases similar to India — great for clinical training
  • Easily accessible from India with several daily flights to Manila
  • Over 20,000 foreign students are enrolled for medical Education
  • It offers Doctor of Medicine or MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS in Indian System of Education.

Weather: This Island country has a very tropical climate much like in the coastal regions of south India.

Currency: The Currency is Philippine Peso (PHP). 1 PHP = 1.50 INR approximately.

Popular Universities:

  • Emilio Aguildino College of Medicine, Manila City
  • University of Perpetual Help System, Dalta
  • U V Gullas College of Medicine
  • Lyceum Northwestern University
  • Davao Medical School Foundation

Safety: Philippines is as safe a country as India. It’s a tourist country too and the foreigners are treated with respect and dignity. As such the society itself is a restrained one.

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