How to calculate expenses for MBBS Abroad



There are many different costs that you will incur while you are planning for MBBS abroad. Make a total of all these costs while planning your Budget to study abroad. 

Consultancy charges: Few overseas educational consultants have professional advisors who guide the students better regarding the career counselling, documentation for admission process, admission letter, prospective assistance in choosing the universities and visa assistance process. They charge for the services they provide. This is generally a one-time cost and not a recurring one. 


Travel charges: The travel Costs include your Visa Charges, cost of procurement of Visa, flight ticket charges, cost of reaching the departure Airport, last mile connectivity and the luggage costs. 

  • Visa Charges: The visa cost may vary from country to country and also depends on the type of Visa. However, for most of the popular countries for MBBS studies, visa charges are around 6,000 to 15,000 rupees. This cost can be a yearly cost as you need to renew your Visa every year. In certain cases, Visa may be issued for the entire course duration but then the cost of it will be higher.  
  • Visa Procurement Cost: To get the Visa, you may have to go to the designated Embassy and give an interview. In such cases, do calculate the cost of travel and stay (generally for 2 people as you may not go alone) to that city. In another case, you may use the help of a professional Visa company which may charge you for the services. 
  • Flight Tickets: The price of flight tickets can fluctuate drastically. The cancellation charges too may be very high. The last-minute purchase can be a very costly option. Try to buy an open ticket in advance with a cancellation option. It may be an extra cost but may save you a higher expense. It gives you a peace of mind. 
  • Luggage Costs: This is the most overlooked cost. Airlines generally allow only 1 piece of up to 23 kgs, a hand bag of 7 kgs and a laptop bag. However, you will definitely have more luggage. Prebook extra luggage in advance to save on costs. 
  • Last mile Connectivity: After landing you may have to take another flight/train/bus/cab to reach your final destination. Its better to plan for that in advance.  


Many Consultants offer a travel package. Do consider taking that as it saves a lot of head-ache for you. It may cost a little more than what you would spend directly, but is worth it. 

University charges: Be clear of the Tuition fee for every year/semester. Some universities may charge for library cards, social cards, ID cards, Exam Fees etc. directly from the student. Please make sure you transfer all the monies for the FEES to the university, directly from your account to the University’s account. DO NOT PAY ANY UNIVERSITY FEE-MONEY TO SOMEONE ELSE. It’s a huge risk and fraudulent. 


Hostel/Accommodation Charges: Most Consultants help you with an accommodation in a hostel. These hostels may be University linked or private. The cost varies on the type of room and number of students sharing it.  


Food Cost: If you cook food on your own, it may cost you around 5000 rupees per month or so. A mess may cost you around 7000 to 7500 rupees per month. 


Personal expenses: The personal expenses might vary individually. One can’t give the exact expenses regarding it. But you should calculate for rupees 2000 monthly as a pocket money for your personal use.  


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