Choosing MBBS Abroad or Long term?

MBBS Abroad v/s Long term

Wanna get settled in a noble profession and choose a coveted career option? Why delay? Become a doctor! Get settled.

Well, the journey of becoming a doctor is a prolonged process and it involves tremendous hard work, patience and enthusiasm. Students should clear the NEET entrance exams to get into MBBS degree. While most of them try to crack the entrance in a single attempt, some 60% fail to do so… and also attempting the NEET entrance in India is a difficult one. Each year only 54% of the students who appear for NEET, qualify the test. And in spite of qualifying only 10% of them get a seat..!! That’s a sad situation…

But is this the end of the road for them? Absolutely not. There are other options. Either drop a year and go for Long Term or Choose a foreign University for MBBS.

Not all can dream big and think big! But, Let’s see what are the pros and cons regarding the Studying MBBS abroad sounds good, doesn’t it? Well let’s check out some pros regarding it..

One can achieve a seat in a world class medical university which offers quality education and the study is quite budget friendly.., there’s no capitation fee.. Then, why late .. you are on the right path.., most of us think that medical education is quite a costly affair.. Isn’t it? One can get accommodated in a dorm or a hostel near the university where the people all around the globe get connected… as friends, it’s a global exposure in fact and finally one can enjoy their independence ? On the other hand,  one can face culture shock as soon as they step to another country. It takes time to get accustomed to the people and the environment. Most Indians face the issues of language while they study abroad. The rules might vary with respect to the country they opt for. Well many students face homesickness issues as they miss their near and dear ones.

Long term coaching is the term used for coaching taken by repeaters of NEET. Most advisors say that long term coaching can make the student achieve the goal of getting into MBBS. As this coaching is repetitive, students gain more confidence to sit in entrance and attain perfection in the subject they study as the main motto. However, we see not many people are opting for long term coaching to crack the NEET entrance. The medical study needs many years to complete. And long-term eats away a precious 1 year. The pass percentage from repeating candidates is also not very encouraging. Though I don’t suggest long-term as a good choice, even if you choose to do that, then don’t repeat this process again next time. Once is more than enough.

My Word
All the future medical aspirants.. Don’t worry if you fail to get a seat in thru NEET or other medical entrances even after long term coaching. Never worry or make yourself low. Stay calm, search for other alternatives in India. If all the opportunities here remain closed, why not go abroad and pursue your dreams.

Think in a broader perspective and start researching more about how to reach abroad? Who will support your education? In what way will studying abroad be helpful and so on. If studying abroad has a bigger impact, let’s research in what way it helps?

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