How to choose a Medical University abroad?

Many students opt for MBBS abroad as this widens the opportunities and helps them grow professionally. Before selecting the country or the university for your MBBS, you must make a thorough research regarding it.

Things To Consider While Choosing the Medical University Abroad

It should be a Government University/College which is established by the government of that country or state.

  • Age of the University (specially the Medical School of that University). The older the University the safer and secure it is.
  • The teaching language in the classroom: This is very critical. You have to ensure that your complete MBBS study is in English Language. Many cheaper colleges (especially in Russia) turn out to be bi-lingual or local language.
  • Hospital tie-ups: The University abroad generally do not have an own hospital. They are tied up with various independent hospitals. You should check with how many beds is that university attached.
  • Recognitions: The University should have recognitions and acceptance by many major medical agencies e.g. ECFMG, FAIMER, WHO, MCI, WDOMS, ERASMUS etc. – the more the better as this gives you better chances for future studies.
  • University Ranking in the World and in that country: This can be checked at:

QS World Rankings

  • Number of Indian students already studying in that University and since when the Indians have been going there.
  • You have to check the entrance and eligibility factors for the admission
  • Also check the student passed out ratio, MCI test passing ratio or FMGE Test Passing ratio.
  • The weather, food habits, current security threats or concerns, relations with India, Indian embassy distance, International Airport distance, can be some other factors to look at.
  • The most important factor however is the financial factor. Be very clear of your annual budget and choose a university accordingly. Also plan a final stretch on your budget and the resources to generate that money.
  • Check for Scholarship options, Education loan options for that course and cost of living in that country.

My word

Best University for MBBS abroad for you may not be the best for another person. Similarly, the best university for someone else may not turn out to be best for you. Choose wisely.

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