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Becoming a doctor requires passion and dedication, not money

MBBS is one of the most valuable degrees and an extremely competitive program. Every year, around 16 lakh students appear for NEET examination and only 2-3% make through to MBBS. But, is one examination going to finalize your future?

Sure, you can spend another year to attempt NEET, but MBBS is already a very prolonged study. Appearing for NEET again does not guarantee you getting into MBBS? Multiple students who attempted it 4-5 times were unable to make it. They definitely had the passion and perseverance required to be a doctor but could not be one. Don’t be one of them, you are just a click away to pursue your goals. 

Be it in a recognized Indian college or an unknown ones, their MBBS tuition fee is a debt trap for students.

In a stark comparison, studying MBBS abroad in a recognized university we selected for you comes at a fraction of that cost.

Cost is not the only factor to consider studying MBBS abroad. We carefully handpicked universities that offer MBBS with an abundance of benefits for you:

  • Better Infrastructure than most medical institutes in India
  • You gain a global exposure and International recognition
  • Become a part of a global peer group of international Doctors
  • Better opportunities to practice either in host country or in India
  • MCI recognizes the degree received from our Universities
  • No separate entrance exam

Do not wait till the seats in these universities get filled up. The earlier you select the more options you get.

Here a quick comparison of best countries to consider for pursuing MBBS abroad:

Kyrgyzstan 15 – 25 Lacs 5 years Temperate *** ***
Kazakhstan 18 – 25 Lacs 5 years Temperate *** ***
Philippines 25 – 35 Lacs 1.5 + 4 years Tropical *** *****
China 16 – 40 Lacs 5 / 6 years Temperate /Tropical **** **
Ukraine 22 – 35 Lacs 6 years Temperate **** *****
Russia 20 – 40 Lacs 6 years Temperate/ Polar **** ****
Georgia 30 – 40 Lacs 6 years Temperate ***** ****

20-25 Lacs (Free Tuition)

6 years Mediterranean ***** ****

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